Erin Clark
Crysler, Ontario
...To Where We Are Today
Working at my old place of employment was one of my favorite places to have worked. I learned so much. I learned a lot about myself, what I could do and just how much potential I had in this industry. When I could no longer justify commuting to the city and paying for downtown parking after having a child, I left where I was working to work in an office type job. I took this time to work for a company that offered great pay, amazing benefits and I ended up meeting some really great people. It just was not for me. 
My passion lies within hair removal. Call it weird, call it gross, call it ...whatever. I have found what I love doing and decided I would offer 5 star spa services at more aforadable rates to my local community. This saves my clients money but most importantly, TIME!!
So I spent my down time, any minute I could at building a name, a brand, website, renovating a room in our home and stocking up on supplies, materials and linens...
April 20th, 2017 Wax That was founded! 
Social Media
@Wax ThatByErin can be found on Facebook and Instagram for more progress photos. 

Seen in photo to right is an eyebrow tint completed with an eyebrow wax


100% Natural
Made up of Sugar, Lemon and Water.
Boiled to a paste and manipulated with the fingers.
Paraben Free
Not Tested on Animals

This natural product does not adhere to live skin cells whereas wax pulls on your skin when removing the hair. If you are someone that has sensitive skin, sugaring is a great option for you. 

Sugar adheres closer to the hair's root than typical wax whch means less hair breakage, less regrowth and if you are someone prone to them, less ingrown hairs!!

If that isn't enough to convince you..

As your regular appointments pass and your regrowth slows enough, you can wait an andditional week or two for your regular appoitment! Saving you even more money.