Erin Clark
Crysler, Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions​

  1. I have sensitive skin, can I be sugared?
    A: You certainly can! Any hair type can be sugared. With sugaring, only dead skin and hair is removed! Bio-degradable and water soluble. So even if some happens to make its way home, its easy to get off your skin and clothes.
  2. How long does the hair need to be?
    At least 10-14 days of hair growth is needed (about 1/2") for your first appointment if you have not been getting sugared or waxed. If you have more leave it and if needed I will trim to ensure it is not trimmed too short.
  3. What do I need to do to prepare myself for an appointment?
    Do not exfoliate the day of or up to 3 days after. If possible, try not to wear deoderant the day of an underarm sugaring; don't put on any lotion of the area being waxed. I will apply lotion at the end of your appointment.
  1. How often should I be getting waxed and sugared?
    Below the waist every 4 weeks is recommended. Above the waist such as face, underarms and arms you may want to book in as early as 3 weeks.
  2. What is Sugaring?
    Sugaring is an ancient technique. It is deposited, molded in and then with the flick of the wrist it removes all the hair along with its sticky paste. Also taking with it is all the dead skin leaving your skin fully exfoliated and soft.
  3. What should I do at home after?
    Do not exfoliate the area for 3 days after sugaring. Following this time period I recommend using a dry bamboo brush. Follow instructions on item you purchase. I also have some for purchase as well. $15 no tax


Erin was great, very professional and has amazing prices. She was also very accommodating with providing her services outside of her usual business hours. Thanks again!
I LOVE IT! Amzing job done by a kind and respectful woman! So happy about the results! Recommend these services to anyone! ❤️
Erin sure knows how to make her clients feel comfortable. I’ve been coming to Erin for a few months now for leg waxing and eyebrows. She’s great at explaining everything and answering any questions you may have. And in the end I love leaving all refreshed and smooth legged ;) thank you for your great service!
Erin has been waxing my eyebrows and underarms for months now. I brought up that I was thinking of doing a bikini wax and she recommended a Brazilian. I was extremely nervous to try it as I’m very private and being an esthetician myself, I always did my own bikini wax. The service was amazing, Erin’s technique was fantastic and she made me feel comfortable and at ease. I’ll be going to her regularly and would recommend anyone to go to her as well. Thank you Erin! 
Erin is absolutely amazing! She is kind, professional and very knowledgeable. She takes the time to explain things to you and knows her stuff. She made me feel so comfortable and her bedside manner is above and beyond. I was shocked with her prices feeling like I was getting service from a high end spa but paying only a fraction of the price! I have been going back to her for all my services and am thrilled with everything she has done! I highly recommend WaxThat :)
Pre & Post Care Products
My recommendations are:

Dr Edna Bare Ease Numbing Cream pre-service
Numb cream $20 No Tax

Dry brushing a few times a week for at home care
Dry Brush $15 No Tax