Finding My Passion


My name is Erin Clark. I am married to the most caring, kind, gentle and supportive man. I would not be who I am with out him. He has also given me greatest blessing in life, our daughter. Our beautiful, happy, energetic daughter. Spitting image of her father at times but then mine at others. 


In 2011 I followed this man that my daughter today calls DaDa across Canada. I moved my entire life out west. It was not an easy decision to make. I thought about it for months and felt horrible about leaving. I then for several years, lived in a very small town called Fernie in Beautiful British Columbia. I could see the ski hill from my parking lot, fresh air off the mountains everyday and so many new things to do, places to see. We missed home but we were also building a life together one day at a time.

April 2012 my father in law  suddenly passed away. We started the necessary steps to move back home through Adam's work. It was a lengthy process. In the meantime we got engaged, planned the wedding and flew home to Ontario to be married in October 2013.

We no sooner got back to BC as newlyweds and the phone call came that we got the transfer...finally! A few weeks later we yet again flew back to Ontario for a house hunting trip.

Fast forward another couple weeks to when we closed the deal on the house. The day my dad died. We, as soon as roads opened from a snow storm two days later, packed what bags we could carry and our dog, headed to Calgary and flew back to Ontario. I took some time off work for obvious reason plus to spend some much needed time with family.

This is when the most happens when you least expect it...


Some months later, I came across a posting for a front desk position at a spa. I felt I HAD to apply. To get back to work and in the atmosphere I always wanted to be in but also to get back to being ME. I landed the job and was thrilled. 

I put everything I had into my job, it made me happy. I was honored to be working at such an amazing place, be given these amazing opportunities and I found my passion again. I found what made me happy and I wanted nothing more but to one day own my own place. It was all a dream, but a nice one. 

It was about four months later I was sent to Toronto for sugar training and trained in-house on body waxing services. I found my passion.

I received my sugaring certificate at Sugar Moon Academy in Toronto (2014)

One month later I was pregnant which made working with sugar difficult but I managed. It gave me a lot of experience early on. 

After returning to work from maternity leave a job posting was sent to me that I just couldn't turn down. The pay, benefits, less just worked better with my family and our needs. 

Every job has its pros and its cons.

My current job isn't bad, I work with great people, I do enjoy it but it's just not the same. I lost my passion. 

I had been doing services for some people I knew in the meantime and knew I had to get back to it one way or another.

I decided to open Wax That.  

Welcome to my journey to help you relax and enjoy how waxing was meant to be.

Yours Truly,