Let me answer all your questions.


Q: I have sensitive skin, can I be sugared?

A: You certainly can! Any hair type can be sugared. With sugaring, only dead skin and hair is removed! Bio-degradable and water soluble. So even if some happens to make its way home, its easy to get off your skin and clothes.

Q: How long does the hair need to be?

A: At least 10-14 days of hair growth is needed (about 1/2") for your first appointment if you have not been getting sugared or waxed. If you have more leave it and if needed I will trim to ensure it is not trimmed too short.

Q: What do I need to do to prepare myself for my appointment?

A: Do not exfoliate the day of or up to 3 days after. If possible, try not to wear deodorant the day of an underarm sugaring; don't put on any lotion of the area being waxed. I will apply lotion at the end of your appointment.

Q: How often should I be getting waxed and sugared?

A: Below the waist every 4 weeks is recommended. Above the waist such as face, underarms and arms you may want to book in as early as 3 weeks.

Q: What is Sugaring?

A: Sugaring is an ancient technique. It is deposited, molded in and then with the flick of the wrist it removes all the hair along with its sticky paste. Also taking with it is all the dead skin leaving your skin fully exfoliated and soft.

Q: What should I do at home after my appointment?

A: Do not exfoliate the area for 3 days after sugaring. Following this time period I recommend using a dry bamboo brush. Follow the instructions on the item you purchase. (Psst: I have some for sale, click here to see them!)