Our Methods

Wax That uses sugar in the most delicate areas.

The bikini and underarm areas are most sensitive and should be recognized as such. 
Soft wax is used on arms, legs, back, chest and shoulders, and hard wax is used on the face including down the neck. 

Services are tailored to each individual client. If you have any personalized requests please reach out and see what we can figure out for you!

Sugaring adheres closer to the root of the hair than your typical (soft or hard) wax therefore giving you:
  • Less hair regrowth
  • Regrowth hair is significantly finer as the root needs to regrow then the hair from it
  • Less ingrown hairs (because of less hair breakage)
  • Exfoliates during the service (as it never adheres to live skin cells and only dead skin cells)
  • Also completely natural (made up of lemon, sugar and water)
Self care and upkeep is key. You are weakening the hair by taking it by the root each time, therefore the hair can’t pierce through the skin as easily and needs help. This is why proper exfoliation is so important!

 Bikini Sugaring
The perfect cleanup to cover up all those hairs when you wear a bikini. This service covers one finger width on each side making sure there are no hairs showing. 

 Extended Bikini Sugaring
Needing a little more than just bikini line? Whether it be for those extra cheeky bottoms and your own comfort/personal wants. This service covers two fingers in on each side and 2-3 width taken off the top.


 Extended Bikini Plus Sugaring
Take your extended bikini and add the buttocks folds for an even cleaner result. The bun area being the least sensitive as there are no nerve endings in that area. 


 Brazilian Sugaring

All hairs removed in the bikini area and the buttocks folds if you desire. A landing strip and triangle can be left at the top of the labia weather you want to have hair or you have never had this done before and first few sessions leave it (this area is the most sensitive as it is where all the nerve endings are).