Sugaring Lowdown

Sugaring is a COMPLETELY natural alternative to waxing. Made up of sugar, lemon and water. This paste is manipulated with the fingers, not using strips or sticks and is water soluble. This application is against the hair growth and with a flick of the wrist the hair goes along with the sugar paste. Shorter, thicker and harder to get hairs are now much easier to remove! Less hair breakage which means less ingrown hairs. 

Double Whammy - Only adhering to dead skin cells and hair, this process works as an exfoliator. Which is why I ask that you do not exfoliate the day before, of or after treatment to avoid overworking your skin. 


I ask that you do not exfoliate the day before, of or after sugaring as the service itself exfoliates. 

If you can avoid moisturizing the day of your appoitment the service results are better. Creams and lotions break apart the sugar paste not working at its fullest potential. I do some prep before a service but anything soaked into your pores will come into contact with the sugar throught the service.

Keeping sugared areas exfoliated and moisturized between appointments is important. 

**Remember not to exfoliate day before, of or after your service**

Although most people will not react from doing any of the following within a few hours after sugaring, those with sensitive skin may find it irritating to do some of the following after a sugaring service

- steam, saunas

- working out

- scented lotions or creams

- deodorant on underarms